Looking to lose weight or maximise your performance?

I offer individually tailored advice to help you achieve your goal, be it weight loss, improved health or maximum sports performance. An initial consultation establishes your current circumstances and goals. Advice is then designed to make some positive changes, rather than presenting you with an 'ideal' that may be unrealistic. By making achievable steps in the right direction you are more likely to maintain an improved approach for the long-term. I will be on hand throughout to answer your questions and offer support.

My approach to diet is firmly rooted in the science of human physiology, evolution and anthropology. Knowledge of the effects of food choices on the human body, particularly in relation to the hormonal system and the brain, provides a framework for informed choices. All species thrive when they consume the diet for which they are best evolved. Human beings are no exception.

The modern Western diet is a disaster area. Myth and dogma abound, largely through the corrupting influence of corporate and political vested interest. Obesity and diabetes are skyrocketing. Some estimates suggest 80% of chronic disease has a diet-related component. The fatally flawed approach which has formed mainstream nutritional advice of the last forty years is doomed to failure and all too often leads to victim blaming. Instead of a careful examination of the interaction of genes and environment, the sick and obese are dismissed as lazy and/or gluttonous.

If you have a close family history of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or non-smoking-related cancer or heart disease, you are particularly likely to need a change in approach as these are indicators of possible insulin-resistance, a key driver of the negative effects of the Western diet. Diet can have a profound effect on a range of conditions, and I am particularly interested in this in relation to mental illness.


CONSULTATION                          £50